FRiday / feb 17th / 7:30PM - 12:00AM

Few things go better together than beer and movies. With movie theaters beginning to serve beer on site, more and more people are discovering this amazing pairing. Pacific Coast Brewing has decided to take this a step even further. and bring the movies to the brewery!

Now being Pacific Coast, we have to put our own unique spin on Movie Night. So in addition to classic heckle-worthy movies being screened both inside and in our backyard beergarden (classic theater style seating), we will also be offering up complimentary popcorn pairings with your beers!

We have selected 5 different Pacific Coast beers to pair with 5 different seasoning spices, from white cheddar to Mexican chocolate! Entrance is free, but popcorn pairings are only included with purchase of the corresponding beer*

Seating is first come/first served, so make sure to show up early to guarantee your spot!