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3 Homebrew Styles For Amateurs

The American Wheat Ale
This is the American version of German Hefeweizen which originated from Germany. The beer has a certain fluffy characteristic due to the balance of the grain bill which is 50%-70% wheat. Its body ranges from light to medium, and it has a somewhat cloudy appearance with a hint of banana, citrus, and clove.
American Amber Ale
A favorite of the American populace, this beer is very well-balanced. There is not a single ingredient of this beer that overpowers the rest. While this type of ale takes on the aspects of any ingredient added, this beer is relatively simple for novices and has a lot of …

Why Brew Beer When Craft is in Abundance

In some locations, tap beer is very common. In others, a lot of beer is in the market. With so much beer available for purchase, why should you homebrew at all?
For one, though the equipment for beer brewing is expensive, if you are an avid consumer and lover of beer, you can save a lot of money in the long run. It is still cheaper to brew your beer than to purchase beer from your local store. This is still because beer ingredients are getting more and more expensive.
As a homebrewer, you can incorporate your tastes and preferences in your beer. Although there are a lot of varieties in the market, beer brewing still has a lot…

The Relationship Between Hops, Malt, and Yeast

For the past years, the priorities of hops growers have noticeably changed. It may be due to the hops themselves changing, or perhaps the palettes of people have changed. Nevertheless, the protection of fragile aromas and flavors is a very significant concern. While hops are a major ingredient to good quality beer, the beers of Mark Hastings of Uberbrew focuses on malt.
According to Hastings, malt is just as important to beer as hops. Even when added in small quantities, specialty malts are an interesting addition to your beer. In beer, your focus can’t just be solely on aroma and no bitterness. It has to be a complete balance of …