Vaping e-liquids has been famous all over the world for years now. Many have tried it and are still doing it until now. Due to its friendly and varying nature, depending on the juices one uses, it appeals to the youth and young adults in the market.

Vape juices are commonly associated when one is talking about vaping. Picking a certain vape juice is very important for a vape user. There are so many vape juices currently available in the market, with varying flavor categories and preferences. From Fruity to Tobacco, choosing a certain vape juice is becoming harder every minute.

However, these commercially-produced vape juices are getting more expensive by the minute. In order to pick out the best vape juice, one has to be willing to spend $5 up to $20. Pretty expensive, right? But there’s no need to fret. There’s a budget-friendly alternative, which is home-brewing your own vape juices.


According to David Bellows, an expert vape juices home-brewer, the process of home-brewing is actually easy. All you need are the flavors you like and then you can mix these flavors based on your liking or preference. You can also order scale, nicotine, and the Propylene Glycol (PG), and the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) level online. Afterward, you can mix these ingredients with your flavored vape juices and choose your own mix or preferred vape juice. Sounds easy, right?

If it sounds too vague for you, don’t worry. We’re going to provide a step-by-step article on how you could make your own vape juice through Home-Brewing.

  • FIRST, YOU HAVE TO SEARCH FOR A RECIPE. You can search for recipes on the internet and start there.
  • SECOND, HANDLING THE NICOTINE. Luckily for home-brewers, you don’t have to stress about handling the nicotine itself. You just have to wear rubber gloves and pour your desired solution. You can start with 6 percent, for starters.
  • THIRD, THE NICOTINE DILUTION. As Nicotine strength is measured in milligrams per milliliter or mg/mL, you have to dilute it in order to attain a not-so-strong product. For example, a 100mg/mL bottle of Nicotine is easily diluted to 3mg/mL or 0.3 percent. This only means that every 1 mL of your solution has to contain 3 mg of Nicotine. You can use calculators for a more accurate solution.
  • FOURTH, THE MIXING PROCESS. Afterward, you need to measure your recipe, accordingly, before adding them to your solution so that it won’t become too strong or too fruity. For example, 10 mL of a bottle with 10 percent of flavor can be too strong, so it’s better if you start with 1 mL first and work your way to your preferred concentration.
  • FIFTH, THE PG/VG ADDITION. Vegetable Glycerin or VG is the chemical solution that is responsible for producing the clouds when you use to vape.
  • If you prefer to have a cloudy smoke when you vape, you can add as many VG Solution to your mixture. Fair warning, VG doesn’t dissolve easily so you have to let this solution rest for days or weeks until the Nicotine oxidizes.
  • Afterward, you can add the PG solution or the Propylene Glycol. It has to be lesser than the VG solution.
  • LASTLY, LET THE MIXTURE REST. You have to let your bottle rest. You can put it on a cupholder or anywhere that is warm or has room temperature.


If you’re looking to save money on vaping, then home-brewing is for you. Aside from the process being so simple, you also get to pick out your own vape juices according to your preferences. No more spending too much money on a single flavor, right?

Moreover, as you explore the world of home-brewing vape juices, you can also try out different flavors. Think of it as an empty magic potion pot. You can add anything you like to make your potion more personalized.

Vaping doesn’t have to be expensive. It is a simple part of life that doesn’t have to be so demanding of your time and money. Try Home-brewing your own vape juices now!

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