Reasons Why Craft Beer is Good

One of the main reasons why craft beer is good is because the ingredients are usually better. This is because the ingredients are better selected, fresher, and of higher quality most of the time. Other brewers may even be happy to show you their ingredients for when they brew.

By buying craft beer, you are also supporting the local business of the brewers. You encourage them to continue their craft and to be more consistent. After all, who doesn’t like good beer, right?

There are also more selections to craft beer. Brewing beer is an art, and every type of brew is slightly different than the others. With this, possibilities for good beer are wider when it comes to craft beer.

The health benefits of drinking beer are also worth taking note of. Although at a much lesser degree than wine, beer offers almost all the health benefits of wine. Some research even prove that beer can offer a nutritional value that is not found in wine.

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