Thursday / FEb 16th / 6:00pM - 11:00PM

Are you defined by your competitive nature? Does your family dread your board game prowess around every holiday? Have you ever made Grandma cry over Uno? 
Are you curious about this place called Catan, and its so called Settlers that everyone keeps talking about? 

Pacific Coast Brewing and Sierra Nevada are calling all board game fans and aficionados to come out and throw down for our SF Beer Week edition of our Game Night! In addition to our great selection of board games, and staff available here to teach them, we will be featuring a selection of specialty Sierra Nevada beers, with flight deals and food specials.

For our more competitive board game fans out there, we will be hosting a classic board games tournament, with a PCB gift card and Sierra Nevada swag for the winner!
So brush up on your Battleship, unearth your Uno skills, and steady your Jenga hands for a winner take all competition!